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Managed Services

Your Information Technology is constantly changing.
Who's staying on top of it all?

Having the correct IT solution in place can do wonders for your business. Whether it’s an increase in efficiency, lower costs or higher productivity from your staff, there is no better time than now to get started!

  • Service Desk


    Proactive + Reactive Support.It's end-to-end support for all your staff

    Our Managed IT Service is called Service Desk. Service Desk is the team of folks who support all your staff, ensure technology is up to date, and more. With Service Desk, you'll be free from necessary, but time-consuming tasks. Tasks like monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure. You'll be free to focus the right people and resources on the right things. Your strategic initiatives will fall into place all while increasing efficiency and productivity.

    Dedicated IT Supports over more than 10,000 people, located all around the nation.

  • Virus & Patching


    Even the smallest vulnerability can take your entire operation down.

    Software, hardware and security updates & patches are critical to keeping your IT in a healthy place. If it's connected, it's inspected and protected! We'll also keep you updated and keep tabs on your very own security parameter. We keep up with the trends and provide the necessary protection to keep all the bad stuff from hitting your network.

    We take security very seriously - Learn about security services

  • Computers


    Let's get your gear working right.
    It'll produce better productivity and might even help increase morale. 

    We'll inventory your computers and devices to keep on top of warranties, licensing and renewals. Something not working right? We got you. Need replacement? Consider it ordered. Need pizza? Done.

    We support thousands of computers on a daily basis. Supporting is just a sliver of what Managed Services can do for your enterprise. 

  • Servers


    Servers are our thing. We're equipped to handle any size, kind, or platform.

    We hold certifications Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Nimble, Cisco and more. Uptime and your servers health is what matters most - Add data integrity and make it all available 24/7/365. Whether on premise or in the cloud, we'll ensure it's up, healthy and delivering the best experience for your staff.

    Server management is not always the same. We monitor even the smallest things to give proactive notice to ensure our engineers are on it.

  • Compliance


    Don't let HIPAA haunt you.
    Compliance is just a call away.

    We have Healthcare and Financial Compliance experts to keep your data safe, protected and audit proof. HIPAA giving you heartburn? We have processes to help you navigate through the never ending compliance challenges.

    Have you had a recent Risk Assessment?

  • Networking


    Let's untangle that hot mess!

    Keeping your network clean and tidy can save a lot of time when identifying problems. Aside from aesthetics, we manage thousands of switches, routers, firewalls and wireless networks. We are certified in Cisco / Meraki, UBNT, HP & other industry leading network technologies. 

    Dedicated IT designed, implemented and delivered the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros stadium network.

  • Virtualization


    Server inside of servers inside of servers oh my!

    Virtualization enables a modern alternative to data availability. What does this mean? More reliable, less expensive and better use of your resources.
    We can manage your compute, storage and network virtualization with our VMware, Microsoft & Citrix certified engineers. Learn more about our partnerships.

    Consolidate and manage the latest technology in your business with virtualization.

  • Mobile


    Managing mobile devices can be a burden.
    Control all the devices with our solution.

    We take all your corporate mobile devices and manage them in one place.
    Worried about data leaving?
    Apps needing to be installed?
    Need restrictions in place?
    Compliance concerns? 

    We'll manage your corporate mobile devices and ensure your policies are enforced. 

    Apple, Android, BlackBerry - What else is there?

  • Phones


    Erp. Dis...[static]... UGH, merf? Tired of phone issue? We hear you, loud and clear.

    Whether you have 1 or 1000 phones, cloud PBX or on premise phone system, we can help manage or recommend a better solution. We understand voice and technical challenges to make you heard clearly. 

    We have more than 15 years experience with VoIP phone solution that can meet your budget and release you from the burden of long contracts. 

  • Vendors


    Let's end the finger pointing game.
    Taking ownership until it's done.

    Ever gotten stuck between IT and vendor? Who's doing what? Blaming each other while your project or support is delayed? 

    We'll referee that communication and assist with moving things to resolution. 

    Oh, we also document all their change management, too.

    By taking ownership of problems, there will be no blame game.We love documentation!


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Don't go alone!

Dedicated means you have someone available whenever you are feeling lost. Rest assured we provide around the clock assistance no matter what obstacle you're facing.

With our toolbox, you'll have all the necessary assistance to find your way.


Reactive vs Proactive

Obsessed about your IT

Knowing is half the battle. We monitor your whole IT infrastructure 24/7 and build alerts to notify of problems before users even notice.

Is it an internet problem or something else?

How often does your IT walk you through time wasting steps before finding the problem? We lessen the troubleshooting by seeing the 30k foot view of your infrastructure. The world of issues we prevent because we are in the know. 


SLA means it gets done

Managed IT Services operates on (SLA) Service Level Agreements so you know exactly what response times to expect. Any issue that keeps you from doing your job is a significant issue. And our service team is committed to getting you working again as fast as possible, while providing the best service you will ever experience.  Why us? Learn more


We <3 Documentation

...and you should too

Your IT documentation should be standardized, collaborative, and effortless to maintain; we believe that great documentation enables a culture of accountability, frees “brain-locked” information, and increases the efficiency of your staff.

Your own personal IT bible

We document your applications, devices, vendors, passwords and all of your other IT assets in a standardized way. No more spreadsheets, wikis or “stuck in brain somewhere.” Oh, and we extend that entire platform to you.


More than support, it's the relationship that makes IT work.

We believe that a strategically designed IT maintenance and protection plan that matches the business's needs is crucial to producing future growth and innovation. Our approach is different.

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Don't settle for good when you can have great.

Dedicated IT believes in building a culture of A players. What does this mean? It means we have vetted out the best consultants in the industry. We trust that our investment in quality resources will blossom fanatical results our customers need and love.

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