What if email could be


95% Business communication is done over email.


Email can make or break your company whether it be sales and service, inbound or outbound. With Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange, you will be putting us in your will.

  • Microsoft
    Office 365


    We're a Microsoft CSP - Office 365 savings coming your way!

    Listen, you been hanging onto that AOL email account for 20 years, but imagine what you could do with your very own business email account? Take your staff's productivity to the next level with Office 365. Need Microsoft Office applications? Efficiency just got that much better. Ditch the servers and make the move to a better communication platform today.

    Office 365 offers email and office applications hosted by Microsoft, delivered by authorized service providers like Dedicated IT. Check out our partnerships!

  • Microsoft


    We know Exchange. We know servers. 

    • Match made in heaven!

    We'll help make that Exchange server healthier than ever, keep email flowing and apply best practices to keep your staff's iphone's ding'n at all hours. Need licensing? Hybrid solution? No sweat - We have Microsoft Exchange Certified engineers ready for any direction your communication is going.

    Our certified engineers have over 20 years of experience supporting SMB’s like yours. We’ve seen it all, we’ve fixed it all!

    Design, Plan, Assist. Our consulting can help provide value by leveraging the experience and tools that our team has to offer.

  • Hosted


    Need Exchange, but not the servers? 

    Go Hosted Exchange

    Now you can keep your employees connected with secured, reliable access to email, calendar, and contacts—from virtually any device. Hosted Exchange helps you protect your data with professional-grade security features you can trust. We provide the licensing, hardware, data protection, backups, mail protection and support.

    We make it really easy to take whatever you have and migrate it to our hosting environment. See our vendor list

  • Email


    Wherever your mail is at,
    we can help with moving it.

    Email. Archives. Documents. Whether the source is on-premises or in the cloud, we are that company that migrates with excellence. Need to migrate to Office 365 or off Google Apps? without loss of email? Needs to be seamless? 

    Every migration is different. We understand that and use the same project management for IT tasks to make sure your migration is executed with excellence. 


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Smash the spam & viruses

Filtration & Protection

Gain secure inbound email traffic against email-borne threats. With the our Spam & Virus services, protecting against inbound malware, spam, phishing, and Denial of Service attacks ensures that business productivity isn’t impacted by attacks through the email system.

Reputation is key

We'll Identify email from known spammers and determine whether domains embedded in email lead to known spam or malware domains. Keeping you safe!


HIPAA Secured Messaging

HIPAA or confidential messaging

Leverage powerful encryption technology to ensure sensitive data cannot be viewed by outside parties. Outbound filtering and quarantine capabilities ensure that every outbound email complies with governing policies. 


We utilizes advanced encryption services that keeps your private notes stay confidential.

We are Health IT Experts 


Continuous Email Availability 

Disaster can happen

Email is a critical vehicle by which businesses operate. Failure of an Email server can significantly limit business operations. This can happen a lot - Sometimes it's internet, sometimes it's server itself.

Email continuity 

Email continuity is the concept of having a failover system in place that allows employees to continue sending and receiving corporate email continuously while the primary system is brought back online. 

Are you ready to put your email in good hands?