Even a sliver of cloud can add incredible value to your  business.

We are passionate about driving our customers’ success by ensuring innovation and creativity is at the heart of everything we do. 

Cloud Services

Predictable Cost

Never be surprised again

Data Protection

Backups you can rely on


Increase or decrease; there is no limit


Cut the fluff, get only what you need


Take your tech with you

IT Management

Industry's best support engineers


Above bank grade standards


Gain immediate compliance 


Dedicated IT believes in the inevitable shift to the cloud. 

 Cloud computing represents a significant trend with the potential to increase agility, lower costs and increase competitive advantage.

Cloud services help with avoiding massive upfront and ongoing expenses tied to equipment, personnel and operations.

  • Hosted
    Desktop (DaaS)


    Turn-key never felt so good

    How many times have you replaced the computers in your office? Licensing expenses getting out of hand? What about need to work remotely & securely? 
    With Desktop as a Service, we solve these problems with providing an  all inclusive workplace for your gear to connect into. A true turn-key solution for the office needing maximum efficiency that fits a practical budget. Always get the fastest and most reliable experience with our solution. They might even get you a present. 

    Learn why thousands of users just like you use our desktop as a service cloud. Talk cloud with me

  • Hosted
    Servers (IaaS)


    Let us do the heavy lifting

    What would happen if those servers went down? Bad things? Expensive things? Infrastructure as a Service is taking those closet beasts and running them in our datacenters all while delivering a better more reliable experience back to your computers. Have a lot of servers? We have a lot of capacity. Need something special? We have all the certified folks on board to build your solution around your needs. 

    Hosting is a very special and complex task; most IT companies can't do it. 

  • Hosted
    Software (SaaS)


    Leave the infrastructure to us

    Whether you're an EMR company or small start-up, we can help design, implement and build a better hosting platform that sets you up for success. Whether on our gear or yours, we have the talent and experience to take your application to the next level. Partnering with Dedicated IT's Software as a Service could help you focus on what you do best and leave the technical delivery to us. Not a software company? No problem - We can deliver your corporate software from our datacenters however you desire. 

    SaaS customers enjoy reliable "always on" scalable resources to sell their products, or deliver their applications to whomever they need.

  • Hosted
    Files (FaaS)


    Securely share, sync and collaborate

    Hosted Files lets your staff share files and folders with the ability to control who and how access is granted. With unlimited storage, you'll never have to worry quotas, backups or inability to share data again. FaaS also ties into your company's user accounts, so no need to log twice. With Dedicated IT's support included, there is no reason to not consider our easy-to-use collaboration service. 

    Learn how Hosted Files can seamlessly connect your workforce.  Let's chat

  • Datacenter

    We can manage your cloud

    Using another cloud vendor? We can manage it.

    Whether Azure, AWS, Google Compute or your own datacenter, we have the team to manage, monitor and keep it all healthy. Our acclaimed Infrastructure team is handpicked to ensure that we cover a broad range of business objectives, specialized in application management and server architecture, security and identity management, as well as infrastructure and networking.

    Asset tracking, change management, cost analysis, consolidation, monitoring & future proofing your clouds - Got questions?


Interested in cloud? Have some questions? 

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  • We are the hosting company - Not a reseller

    Dedicated IT owns, manages and provides enterprise cloud infrastructure to customers around the nation. We are not a reseller - This is a common misunderstanding and can devalue the experience and security of the service. Knowing who you partner with can make the world of difference with cloud technologies. 

  • Built on enterprise gear

    Build on Cisco, Microsoft, Nimble & VMware, we use the industry's best technology to deliver the best experience possible. 

    We work with hundreds of customers with large data sets. Whether hundreds of Gigabytes or Terabytes, we have the platform to support your data and growth demands. 

  • State of the art datacenters

    The datacenter offers a hardened infrastructure and provides access to the largest and best backbones:

    Biometric Security
    Full Security Audit Trail, Badging, Positive ID
    Escort only access & triple identification access
    Redundant, Next Generation UPS Systems
    • High-Density Cooling Systems Environment
    High Availability Network
    On-site Network Operations Center
    Exceptional Uptime Exceeding 99.9999%
    Redundant Cooling  

  • Build on Cisco, Microsoft, Nimble & VMware, we use the industry's best technology to deliver the best experience possible. 

    We work with hundreds of customers with large data sets. Whether hundreds of Gigabytes or Terabytes, we have the platform to support your data and growth demands. 

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You think NASA went to space without a plan? 

It all starts with a strategy

Complete with architects and certified rocket cloud engineers on hand, we take a proactive systems management approach to reduce risk and quickly identify root cause of issues and respond with efficient resolutions.

Our team is comprised of highly trained technical personnel who understand industry and vendor best practices in order to deliver the best experience available.


The best uptime possible

Our datacenters directly interconnect with the telecom providers that serve over 90% of the world’s Internet networks and users for their critical peering, transit and traffic exchange requirements. This means you do not experience outages like small datacenters can experience.

Our Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems prevent power spikes, surges and brownouts while redundant backup diesel generators provide additional fuel to keep the data center powered up in the event that public utility fails. The entire electrical system has built-in redundancy to guarantee continuous operation.

Learn more about our datacenters »

Security & Compliance

The physical security of our datacenters utilizes an array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor and record access to the facility. All areas of the center are monitored and recorded using CCTV, and all access points are controlled. The datacenter is staffed with 24-hour security augment physical security features, providing health & financial-grade protection.

Learn how cloud services can add value in your business.