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About Dedicated IT

Dedicated IT was built around the vision of helping the next generation and giving back to our community.

About Dedicated IT

Company Culture

Dedicated IT is a trend setter in support and service. Our walls were built by a genuine love for technology and showing others the light at the end of the IT tunnel. Our CEO, Adam Steinhoff, founded our organization on the principle of helping small businesses level the IT playing field by providing resources and products that have traditionally been out of reach. As a creative IT solutions firm, we strive to be cutting edge without cutting corners on the best solutions possible for each and every one of our customers. We are also dedicated to the non-profit organizations of our community and support them through volunteer work, participating on their boards, donating services and support, and promoting them internally to all of our employees and their families all while encouraging them to get involved and serve.

We support hobbies as habits. We implore "crafts & fellowship".

We believe our community is made up of our neighbors, clients and employees - All equals.

True leadership serves in the trenches, alongside its employees.

Benefits of working at Dedicated IT

We believe in our employees, their goals and aspirations, their morals and culture, even their preferred soda of choice (you should see our break fridge). It is our mission to create a fun and hard working environment for each one of them. We believe in a good healthy mixture of work and play in our daily activities where our employees feel at home and part of our family which we strongly feel gives our customers the best experience when interacting with any of our team members from service to sales. Next time you are in town at any of our locations, come by and meet the team, we would love to show you the Dedicated Experience.

Competitive Pay

Great salary options, insurance & matching 401K

Unlimited Vacation

We don't track PTO. You need time off, take it; paid.


We'll work with you to achieve your certifications.

Our History & Growth

Dedicated IT was founded as a consulting firm in 2002 to help small business understand the processes in place at larger corporations and to help them implement those processes to level the playing field and make IT great again for everyone and not just those who could afford it. In our early years we modeled our projects and implementation department after enterprise managed services firms to give you the best bang for your buck without causing you to take out a second mortgage. In 2005 we became one of the first MSP’s in the United States and shortly after we were offering Cloud services which had not yet caught on in our industry. Our foundation is built on the future, now. Our leadership is a fast-paced, well oiled machine. Our growth from 2014-2020 has been above and beyond 45% per calendar year and we are just getting started, come find out why people call us the best kept secret in IT.

Solid Foundation

From consulting to the top of the charts

15 Years in biz

We're not going anywhere except awesome


Our morals & ethics pour excellence

Hottest Tech

We have the latest and greatest tech  - Not afraid of bleeding edge


When was the last time your job reminded you of your childhood playroom? At Dedicated IT, it is our passion to understand who you are and what drives you to succeed. Often times we are molded by our weekend hobbies or our summer vacations, we get that. It is our goal to keep that vacation going while motivating you to work hard and serve your community through services and support unmatched by the industry. Our “Good to Great Benchmark” for customer service will leave you feeling accomplished with a sense of purpose in your professional life. Not to mention we support the brewing of craft beverages and partaking in the consumption of them at the office, after hours of course…  

Realtime, hands on sales experience 

Real world IT rockstar mentorship and experience with clients  

Remove the grind from career with our hard working, fun culture

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