Data security is more relevant than ever. 

Don't just let any maverick call the shots on your IT security.

Securing your technology is more than a cowboy shoot out. By identifying on-going risk, using next generation threat protection and applying best practices, your business will be ready and know how to respond.

Security Services

if you have ever signed up for anything on the internet, it IS likely you've been compromised.
Who's keeping your tech locked down?

With the right plan, we will button it up, lock it tight, and apply best practices to keep your business ahead of some of today's scariest threats. Learn if you have been compromised here.

  • Managed


    Basic protection can stop most of the common threats.

    Even the smallest threats can pose major disruption to your productivity. Even lock you out of your data for weeks! Crypto____ Variant infections are hitting the news daily. It's the PR nightmare you don't want to experience. What if you could avoid it and put better controls in place to protect the staff that "like to click all the things"?
    We'd say that's good business sense. 

    Virus, spyware, ransomware, malware... Pretty common tech lingo these days - Only because these threats are getting smarter and more complex by the second. Without an ongoing help, you are vulnerable. We provide each computer and server with the best-in-class endpoint protection, so your staff can click away. Go Dedicated IT

    Threat management on your workstations and servers is just one a many ways we keep your data secured.

  • Firewall as
    a Service


    Don’t just detect breaches, prevent them. Stop ransomware, encrypted threats and phishing attacks with Firewall as a Service.

    We provide uncompromised security that keeps your staff, data and management ahead of the game. 

     · Immediately gain enterprise-grade security & visibility
     · Securely connect remote offices & staff to corporate networks
     · Block Ransomware at your network edge before it enters your network
     · Increase internet performance by giving priority to specific devices, groups or      technologies (voip, guest wifi, etc)
     · Pay monthly fee vs purchasing, licensing and management
     · 24/7/365 Threat watch provided by Dedicated IT Network Operation Center  

    WatchGuard, SonicWall, Cisco, Meraki, Ubiquiti and other firewall certifications under our umbrella. You can rest assured we are staying on top of it so you don't have to.

  • Wireless


    Securing your WIFI has never been more important. 

    Ensure your corporate and guest networks are isolated, secured and even rate limited with our managed wireless services. Every day, your staff, customers and guests are relying on your wireless security. In fact, they are demanding it. Keep your network stable, secured and compliant a plan developed by our certified network engineers. Build guest access for any size environment - Security baked in from day one.

    Our client's wireless networks run in the most secure environments. If you are not sure if your wireless is secured with the latest security, let Dedicated IT help with the decision making. You'll be glad you did!

    Dedicated IT manages thousands of access points from hospitality, healthcare to stadiums, manufacturing and more. 

  • Risk


    Identifying risk helps businesses run smoother. 

    Security risk assessments are essential to discovering risk and for defining appropriate security to develop a mitigation strategy that fit your company’s objectives. They are also required by HIPAA to achieve healthcare compliance. What about data protection compliance? Are you holding onto that data for 7 years? What about staff taking pictures of patient records? Would that hurt if you lost your compliance certification? Put your concern to rest by confronting the problem head on with a risk assessment.

    We have a tailored risk assessment for all business specialties. Behind on CMS RSA?Compliance Services

  • Content


    Are cat videos are part of the 9-5 gig?

    Is 4 hours on facebook in your company handbook? What is your policy on cat videos [meow] ? Most of our client's didn't think about it much until we showed them reports of where their staff's time is being spent. What about their mobile phones on the guest wifi? They didn't think about that one either. We have a solution to give you complete control over what and how long web content is viewable. 

    Need some staff to have different privileges? No problem - We have the right technology & experience to help you decide how to filter the internet for your teams.

    Enforcing filtration can not only help your staff stay on point, but keep your overall security stronger. 

  • Penetration


    "He knew my name, where the server room was and gave me pizza..."

    If someone with the proper information arrived, would they be granted with access to your network? What about physical access? Would your staff live up to the challenge? Testing your processes is a good way to identify where it does not work. We offer external, internal, blind and double blind testing.

    Once threats and vulnerabilities have been evaluated, we use risk management and best practices to guide your business in the right direction.

  • Email


    Nigerian Prince Kufour Otumfuo called, said check your inbox for untold riches."

    Plot twist. Your staff fell for it. And they just wired someone some money (oh, this happens more than you think)... From a company computer, which flagged your public IP addresses for fraud activity and now your email is blacklisted and become a target for other threats... Not to mention your staff member who just wired out your next payroll payment. That's a fun conversation...

    It's not always about protecting what you receive, but kicking your technology game up a level with variants of encryption, long term archiving, email continuity, reputation & enhanced filtration and even preventing credit card and ePHI data going through email. Think about what your staff is using email for and how you could be vulnerable. If that gets the your gears turning, give us a call to create your strategy.

    Keeping your messaging safe is included with Managed IT Services.


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Get ahead of it now

Having current and historical controls

Whether it is today, tomorrow or in future, you will have some form of security issue on your network. With on-going threat and vulnerability monitoring, we will know when and why it happened.

More than network control

We proactively monitor your Windows Server Event Logs to ensure that security warnings and signs of trouble are handled prior to them affecting your server health or bottom line.


The generation of managing new threats has been evolving and not slowing down. 

Massive ransomware attacks are becoming famous for taking businesses just like you out of commission. The threats are real and moving full speed ahead looking for vulnerabilities in your technology.

If you are unsure if or how your security is getting it done, let Dedicated IT find out and present you the options. 

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