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How current and stable are your backups? What happens if you need to restore? Where does this take place? Who does it effect? Knowing the answers to these questions could prevent your doors from closing.

Data Protection Services

Business Closure

60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster.

Not Just Servers

31% of PC users have lost all of their files due to events beyond their control.

Permanent Outage

93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year.


30% of all businesses that have a major fire go out of business within a year. 70% fail within five years.

Tape Failure

34% of companies fail to test their tape backups, and of those that do, 77% have found tape back-up failures.

Disk Failure

Every week 140,000 hard drives crash in the United States. 100% of hard drives fail within their lifespan


Data loss is nightmare material 

Data protection is more than backups - Is your current IT vendor presenting your plan of action? 

  • Computer


    Accidents happen. Drives fail, Windows crash, file deletion, corruption, overwriting data....

    Protect your staff's data now

    Build confidence in knowing you have data protected from your staff's computer. Get your staff computers backup and running. With unlimited capacity, forever retention. That creates peace of mind. 

    Desktop backups could save your staff from recreating endless data from scratch. 

  • Beat


    Ransomware is the real deal and the most relevant issue in information security.

    With a backup plan, you're a few clicks back to business as usual.

    Ransomware is a threat to your data
    Ransomware is a threat to your business
    Ransomware is a threat to your & staff's livelihood

    Ransomware is a difficult problem. It isn’t going away and there is no one size fits all, easy button solution to it. Dedicated IT's Security Engineers have crafted what we believe to be some of the best evasion techniques available today. It starts with managed services, but keeping your data safe begins with engagement.

    Do you have an existing ransomware infection? Do not waste any time and contact us now.

  • Server


    Second only to your people, your data is your organization's most important asset.

    Is it time to revisit your server's backup plan?

    Keeping your data protected, compliant, and available requires ongoing storage capacity planning, resource deployment, utilization & notification management, and cost containment. This makes understanding and planning for an efficient and scalable storage environment essential to your business success.

    Did you know most SMB have never tested their backups?

  • Cloud


    Data protection doesn't end at your office

    Cloud backups enable long term retention and protection local backups cannot achieve. 

    Simplify the backup and recovery of your most critical systems, applications, and data. On-premises backups can be slow, and prone to errors or hardware failures. Our cloud backup approach ensures online backups are fast, highly available, and efficient. Never look back and know you are protected from any disaster.

    Our Cloud backups are encrypted in transit and stored in our hardened world-class data centers throughout the globe.

  • Server


    Ever thought about running your servers somewhere else?

    We duplicate whatever is running locally and can power it up whenever it's needed.

    Replication enables the ability to power on and run your servers somewhere else. Whether in our or your datacenter, satellite office or public clouds. Protecting your data with ability to spin up on remote hardware can dramatically increase productivity in the chance of hardware or software failure. Our certified IT folks use the industries best products, such as Veeam, Unitrends and others to make clones of whatever runs your business IT.

    Server replication can lower your RPO & RTO. Never heard? Learn from our experts!

  • Disaster


    Take the pain out of disaster preparation

    We help with understanding the risk to execution if you had to put pieces back together.

    While your business can last without TP, it paints a picture about the small things that get overlooked when planning for recovery. We ask questions, build a plan and test it.

    Learn about how much time between the moment of the disaster and the time users can work again (RTO) and how far back in time are you willing to go in case of a disaster and how much work and/or transactions can be lost without hindering business continuity. (RPO)

    Whether it’s an earthquake, flood, hurricane or even just an accident by an employee, there are plenty of uncontrollable situations that can cause your company to experience downtime. 

  • Custom


    Need it all? Maybe something special?

    We realize there isn't a one size fits all

    Our diverse team of highly trained, certified engineers provides consulting to hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses. We can provide a solution that checks off all your compliance, technical and special concerns. We tailor your IT system plan to fit your business needs, because every company is different and needs to be treated individually.

    No matter if you are ready for the cloud or not, we will create a plan perfect for you and your business.

  • Encryption


    Protect the confidentiality of data stored on computer systems with encryption.

    What devices are leaving your office? Remote staff that have access to company data? What if that device was stolen? Data leak to competitor?

    Our clients have many compliance regulations that require disk encryption. We can provide a multitude of services that checks that box off and centrally manages all your gear. Don't let company data walk out the door with disk encryption. The only way rest assured is to have control of it. 

    Did you know drive encryption is a HIPAA and CMS requirement? 


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Good backups = Happy customers

Managed IT Clients can rest assured we have spent the time to review, test and document their backup systems. If there is any concern of data loss, it's been presented and a plan has been put in place. Are you in good hands?

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Continued education

Dedicated IT sponsors and attends national conferences, workshops and requires certified personnel. We are nationally recognized technology leader and proud of our accomplishments.

Choice vendors & software partnerships

Standardizing on industry leading software means you get an IT Army who knows the technology. Through our relationships, you benefit from shared cost savings and reliability of our leadership.


Emergent issue? No backups? There might be hope.

First thing you can do is call us. We can coach you through the process of data recovery and have a large network of data recovery vendors that can help put the pieces back together if we can't.

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