Here's the deal 
We know you have options.

Dedicated IT is a unique & fun company to work with; we balance the business in summer shorts look. Choosing the right solution is not just based on the product but rather the IT company who can cast vision and help grow your company by using key technology. Does that make a difference? Here's our best pitch

Learn Why

6 Reasons we think are important.

We have the industry's most experienced engineers. 

Raising up new leaders through internship programs.

Partnered with the most sought after tech companies. 

Our technical portfolio covers 95% of the technology you use.

Get it all covered with no restrictions for a monthly fee.

We work in your industry - We bring out of box ideas to the table.

Dedicated IT's Promise

Whatever it is, we'll get it fixed quickly, permanently, and proactively with a smile.

Want more?

We solve something new everyday


With tens of thousands of support calls, chances are, we've heard it before.

Take a moment and think about the last time technology made you frustrated. We can make better use of what you have and lower the chances of an IT meltdown. 


Obsessed with greatness

Greatness in community

Dedicated IT believes in giving back to the community including schools, churches, charities or just donating time and resources to help special projects come to life.

Greatness in growth

2x Growth year after year. With new offices opening throughout Florida, our company is constantly growing with new and better services than ever.


We'll advocate even if you're about to go nuclear

Our technology psychologists evangelists possess the secret special sauce that can turn the most frustrating problem into a solution. 

If we can't fix it, we might just bring a spare bat.


Don't expect these studs, but we do hire some talent!

A team that is energetic, confident, thorough, tenacious, personable; the kind of folks that will laugh with you over a drink or come to the rescue and pull your cat of the magnolia tree. We just happen to be knowledgeable and work with excellence when it comes to IT.

Our Team makes all the difference >>

Partnerships. Not just vendors

We hold the highest partnerships with some of the most respectable companies in the world.

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