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Executive Leadership


ADAM STEINHOFF . CEO // Managing Partner

“I am blessed to be the curator of an organization that attracts, employs, respects, challenges, encourages and grows people. I really feel good about enabling people to be their best and then allowing them to tackle hard problems for our clients.”

Born and raised in South Florida, Adam Steinhoff is a husband, a father of three boys, an entrepreneur and an avid runner and hiker. During business hours, he is tasked with being the CEO of Dedicated IT. After hours, you can find him running on the Ocean to Lake/Florida Trail, climbing a mountain in North Carolina or hiking a waterfall in Yosemite. Adam is involved with his church, Community of Hope and as an executive board member of Palm Beach Tech.

Being that he was a genuine nerd prior to becoming more business-focused, Adam has worked on, and been certified in, just about every type of technology out there. While most of the certifications he has held have expired over time, the core knowledge still exists in that wonderful brain of his. Adam has held engineer and trainer-level certifications from Microsoft and Citrix. Other certifications include Cisco, WatchGuard and Nimble.

Need some conversation starters?

Here's some stuff that he would talk very passionately about if you asked him:

Children are awesome!

I managed to, with my wife’s help, raise three wonderful boys with some crazy personality.

Just keep running, just keep running

I have completed three 50K races in the last year. Ask me about how the Blue Heron Bridge almost broke me.


I love building out Salesforce for our company, and I am currently working on my Salesforce Certified Administrator certification.

I love books!

I’m an avid Audible book consumer. Let's talk about your favorite non-fiction (personal growth / business) books, so that I can add them to my list.

"I'd climb that"

I attempted, yet failed, to complete the Quest for the Crest 50K in the North Carolina mountains. I have some unfinished business with that mountain range, and will be back next year to run through the finish line.


AARON UNDERHILL . COO & President // Managing Partner

Aaron is a South Florida native. In fact, his family has had a cattle ranch in Martin County, Florida since the the late 1930's.

Interesting fact: his grandmother won a beauty contest, and the prize money was used as the down payment on the land.

Aaron is the president and COO of Dedicated IT. Aaron is married and has a beautiful baby girl. When not at work, there is a pretty good chance that you will find him at the local gym, or doing something with his church, Calvary Chapel. During business hours, his primary duties involve strategic planning, business development for large accounts and ensuring operational excellence.

Aaron is a consummate goal setter and achiever. Double dog dare him, and watch him read up on whatever it is, make a training plan, execute the training plan flawlessly and then school you in your own craft.

He's obtained a certification in sales strategy and execution from Sandler President Club, and he holds an ACSM and an AFPT in fitness. He's studied specific sales classes with WatchGaurd, Cisco, Nimble and Netapp. He's hiked three of the 25 mountains on his bucket list, ran in two 50k races and has a mission trip scheduled to Ukraine.

Need some conversation starters?

Here's some stuff that he would talk very passionately about if you asked him:

New Dad!

His beautiful baby girl, Ashlyn Rae Underhill.

His Faith

Ask him about leading men's ministry or on his many mission trips.

Real estate investing

He is comfortable doing CAP rates, DSCRs and the like in his head.

Mountain Climbing

Ask him about his vision board in his office, and the peaks on it.

Lifting heavy things

Specifically his goals: Squat 550 lbs, Bench 430 lbs, and Deadlift 620 lbs - Whoa right!?


Chris Burns . CIO // Managing Partner

A Pacific Northwest transplant, Chris brings a “chill” personality, along with the most amazing hair you've ever seen. He's married to his wife, Candi, and has three adorable kiddos.

Chris is one of the most thoughtful IT people you've ever met. He has the uncanny ability to study what you say to him, think about your business and how what you said applies to it and then offer crisp solutions to your technology issues. It's as if he “Matrix” style pauses the world, does six years of research on your problem, and then restarts as if you've not missed a beat. There conclusive evidence he is doing otherwise.

Chris has obtained certifications from Microsoft, VMware, Sonicwall, Citrix and many other technologies. He knows HIPAA compliance inside and out, and heads up Dedicated IT's compliance and ePHI risk practices.

The better part of his career was spent in the Healthcare IT space, where he's helped hundreds of practices navigate all areas of the ongoing EMR challenges. He speaks EMR, HIE, PM, PACS, MU, HL7, MIPS, MACRA and other "Medical Geek" lingo - So feel free to test him on it.

Short story is: you want Chris Burns when it comes to “C-level” technology decisions.

Need some conversation starters?

Here's some stuff that he would talk very passionately about if you asked him:


Chris is all about that Crossfit lifestyle. Keeping active, running WODs daily at his favorite box, Maverick Crossfit in Melbourne.

CoFoundeded The

Created a community of over 1000+ active IT business owners who collaborate in real time with each other sharing successes, risks, best practices, and learning from each other.

Kind of a coffee snob

Oregon drive through coffee joints and beautiful scenery. Sorry Florida, going to have to learn a few things from CB.

He's a musician

Writing and playing acoustic/electric guitars. Ever heard someone yell at the radio about tone before?

Who doesn't like watersports?

Kiteboarding & water sports make a lot of sense when you're basically surounded by unlimited water. Ask him about his 1 mile off shore kite adventure that ended with cutting gear and swimming back to shore.

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